On Friday, 14 th August, we arrived at Harich, England, early in the morning. We had met a nice English couple who gave us advice where to go. The weather was ok, unusually warm and humid due to the thunderstorm the night before, but at least no rain. It was pretty hilly but manageable. The landscape was beautiful and the couple had told us where to find the best bakery in the area. So what?,
On our way to Cambridge we passed Lavenham, a beautiful old town, so well kept that it is used for historical films all the time. We really enjoyed the visit. With the help of a map on our mini iPad Arne was able to navigate us but we did not make it all the way to Cambridge, it started to drizzle and all the bed and breakfasts were full, so we had to camp wild. We really missed the shower that night ( the rain was not hard enough!), but in the end it was a nice and quiet place and the rain stopped during the night.
We stayed in Cambridge the next day and night and visited the city center, watched the punters and the tourists, admired the old colleges and spend some time in Waterstones bookstore looking at books or surfing the Internet. The campground was nice and much quieter than the next two which were close to streets. We went on to Oxford which we did not like as much as Cambridge. The weather was nice and cycling fine.
We went on, direction west, but in Malborough it started to rain, we waited a while but then went on. Actually we shouldn't have done that! It started pouring down and we were on the path along the canal, everything was muddy and soaking wet and we couldn't find a place to sleep. That was a nightmare. Finally we found a campground next to a pub but the facilities were horrible and the lawn flooded. At least it was dry inside the pub and we knew that the following night would be nice and dry in a warmshower house in Bristol. The way along the canal next day became amazing and we were fascinated by the number of locks and number of holiday boats!
We went to Bristol via Bath, a beautiful and very different city, along the old railway path, the best cycle path we had in Britain. We stayed at Martin's house in Bristol ( very comfortable bedroom )and he gave us excellent advice on a city tour in the evening. I really liked it because it is our schoolbook city and has lots to offer. The next day we cycled on another railway path, Strawberry Lane, very nice, to Taunton, where we first could not find the campground . The day after we stayed with another wonderful warmshower host in Exeter, Sue and Mike, who gave us good advice and helped us with our iPad. They had a nice flat directly on the river Exe. 
On our last day in England it rained in the morning. So we decided to take the train to Plymouth. This was a good decision because the sun was shining in Plymouth and at he Hoe there was an OH time, show. We walked around and had a look at this shitty, enjoyed the sunshine, watched the people and had fish and chips is our last meal in Britain. We embarked the ferry at 10 PM. The crossing was rough. We didn't have a cabin but slept very well on our isolation mats.