We are still at home because we have to introduce the new family from Afghanistan to our home.

But on Thursday (after getting our vacinations/shots) we will start south towards Lüneburg.

We are very excited to get onto the road.

See you!

On Friday 31 July we finally started from Luebeck in front of the famous Holsten Gate going south through the Lueneburger Heide and then west to the river Weser which we followed to Hoexter. It was amazing how beautiful the country and the villages are. Also the cycle paths were well marked and off the roads.
We really liked cycling in Germany, nice cycle paths and well marked. And it always is amazing how beautiful the country is. Her you can see the External stones near Detmold. You cannot really climb them but they just look nice and kind of out of the place because they are the only rocks in the area.
We discovered some wonderful little cities with cute houses. The weather was perfect, no rain, nearly too hot. Sometimes we had thunderstorms but our tent is very good so we did not have to worry that we would get wet. There are not that many campgrounds though which is a pity. I think that is because not many people sleep in tents any more, they tend to have mobile homes and don't need real campgrounds anymore.
When we headed towards the Netherlands we passed lots of castles. That was nice. It is interesting to see different parts of the country because you learn a lot. What I also like about cycling is that you use all your senses, you hear and smell and feel the way ( well, if it is raining you don't like the feeling very much though) and it is so easy to stop when you see something interesting.