On Friday, 30th October in the evening our host took us to the airport where we were supposed to take the plane to Istanbul and then to bangkbut the plane was two hours delayed so we missed the flight and Turkish Airways had to book a hotel for us. So we had a day n Istanbul! Yeh! Aren't we lucky?!
So we took the chance and strolled through the city to look at some sights like the Blue Mosque.
It was gigantic. And also the amount of tourists who marbled at it was gigantic.
We hadn't expected to be in Istanbul so we were not prepared. That meant we just walked through the city and were impressed by the wonderful buildings and the atmosphere.
There is lots of water and it was a windy day. Wonderful! In this photo the weather looks a bit worse than it was. Actually I was fine with just my jacket ( I didn't have anything else to wear anyway as our luggage was on the airport).
We crossed the bridge and entered a really cool part of the city with narrow streets with tiny shops.
On our walk back to the hotel we passed through areas were there were no tourists at all and we discovered many old wooden houses.
It was so authentic, we just loved it and we're happy to be there.
Back in our hotel ( the five stars were a joke though) we got a nice meal and were later picked up again and taken to the airport for our flight to Bangkok. So we had a really cool day in Istanbul!