We really liked the Netherlands for cycling because the cycle paths are excellent and the signs too ( once you have understood the knots system ). We were there only for four days as we just went from east to west.
We especially liked the national park near Anaheim which had lots of beautiful forests and hills and heath areas. And we saw many Dutch people with their families going on cycle trips in this park. The nice thing about the Dutch is that everybody cycles! And if you are not as fit as your partner you use an e- bike. In Germany people feel bad about using e-bikes, especially older people say: I am not that old that I need an e-bike, but in the Netherlands they just use it and have fun. Great!
We stayed at two really nice warm shower families ( organization that connects people who are cycling with people who are willing to host the cyclists for a night ) . That was just wonderful as we met so interesting people who could give us brilliant advice for our ongoing trip. We talked a lot, looked at maps and photobooks and got delicious food. This picture is about a one year trip from Marten and his wife.
The last day we got lost because we did not have a map of the Netherlands. We planned to follow the R1 which is a European cycle path and should lead us to Hoek van Holland where we were supposed to take the ferry at 10 pm but the problem with these long cycle routes is that every country has its own marking system. So we were not sure about the right way from Utrecht to the ferry. It was one of the hottest days and we passed Delf ( photo ) which was beautiful but Arne got nervous if we can find the way. Finally after 128 or something  kilometers we reached it. I was so tired I nearly fell asleep standing in the queue. But then we had a nice cabin and after the shower I watched the thunderstorm and relaxed.