On the 17th December we had to leave Myanmar and spent a day in the border city of Mae Sot. Then we took a bus to Chiang Rai in Nothern Thailand. Here I visited a temple with a famous Emerald Buddha that was revealed when lightning struck a temple in a forest nearby in 1434.
In the afternoon Arne and I went by bike to another famous place, the white temple, a very modern temple, not finished yet. It has fantastic wall paintings inside which show social criticism. Unfortunately you were not allowed to take photos. I could have looked at it for hours as there were so many details.
Of course we were not the only tourists there but it didn't matter, the atmosphere was great.
Today we just went on a short bike trip along the river Mae Kok, very nice and relaxing. Tomorrow we will have to go 100 km to our next hotel near the border of Laos.